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Windy City’s Finest series is the relabel for the Titans of Southside. The first and only book previously published (Smoked & Smitten) under the old series name is being rewritten, extended, and retitled. Relaunch for Combustible TBA.

Abby Drake is starting to feel as if she’s being chased by fire. So far, she has been able to stay ahead of the flames but worries one day, they might just catch up to her. She can already feel the heat, or maybe the sexy fireman she keeps encountering is the reason for it.

All Abby knows is, either way, she could end up getting burned.

Cian O’Shea is a third-generation firefighter. He has never shied away from heat—whether it has to do with his job or personal life. However, he refuses to feel guilty about still being single instead of married and giving his parents the grandchildren, which frequently gets mentioned to whoever will listen.

The only consolation is he isn’t alone in his parents’ quest to populate the South Side of Chicago. Cian’s three brothers and four cousins are also on the receiving end of the same speech. Though he would never admit to it – he looks forward to seeing who folds first under pressure. He only knows it won’t be him.