Irish's ResolvePreorder

Sixteen years ago, after a tragedy, Colin “Irish” Mckenna moved back to his hometown. After the grief waned and the anger lessened, he founded the Desert Phoenix MC, becoming the youngest president on record.

When trouble from the past resurfaces, it renews the pain and anguish along with it. Leaving Irish’s son fighting for his life while Irish struggles to keep from drifting back into the same despair. Just when he feels as though he is losing the battle, she walks into the room.

Phoenix “Nix” Ellison is familiar with life’s struggles. She went from being raised in the foster care system to being abandoned by her boyfriend while pregnant. After the child was born with medical issues, the weight of the world pressed down on her shoulders. Instead of giving in, Nix put herself through nursing school. Not only to support her daughter financially but to obtain the knowledge to help her medically.

The daughter’s condition worsens, and Nix uses every bit of her strength to keep going. She refuses to show any weakness or allow life to beat her down. Nix knows she has no choice because there is no one to lean on or there to hold her up. Until she walks into the hospital room and sees him. 


Merit “Crank” Michaels grew up in the foster care system. He had spent his youth moving from one house to another, never finding a real home. Once he aged out, he joined the Navy and became a SEAL. He planned to make the Navy his home, but a training accident changed that for him, leaving him once again searching for a place to call his own. When Crank joined the Haven MC, he knew he had found what he was looking for. What he hadn’t expected or planned—was falling for Madison Wetzel, his best friend’s baby sister.

Out of respect for his friend and club brother, who had warned him off Madison, Crank initially fought his feelings for her.  However, one night with her had led to another, and now he needed to confess the truth to Pinch—everything that happened in Crank’s life had led him to her, and he had no plans to give her up.

Madison Wetzel loved her brother. How could she not? Cal had barely been nineteen and new to the military when their parents died, yet he fought for her and changed his life to take her in. Now, as an adult with an education and a good-paying job, she wanted her brother back, not the parent he had become out of necessity.

At first, she had slowly pushed back on his absurd overprotective inclinations because nothing had meant enough to her to fight over—until Merit “Crank” Michaels.

Madison hadn’t wanted to be the cause of any conflict between Pinch and Crank, so she kept her involvement with Crank private. Even when he pushed her about coming clean with Pinch, she told him there was plenty of time.

Of course, that was before Madison was shot during a bank robbery. Sent to the hospital and ordered to surgery as the doctor dropped a bomb. A bomb leaving the two men she cared most about in the world standing stunned as she’s wheeled down the hall.

Flyboy_Preacher copy


Tony “Flyboy” Amara and David “Preacher” Cummings never desired to have ol’ ladies. As a matter of fact, they had spent their entire adult lives avoiding it. They even held on to their single statuses as their closest friends, men who were much more than club brothers, succumbed along with their own sons.

Edie Stevens and Eliza Tate lost their husbands several years ago and had given up on a second chance at love. When their older sister’s tumble landed her in a cast—the two widowed women sold their homes, closed their specialty shop on the east coast, and moved to Shades Valley to make a new start.

The day the two women witnessed two silver-headed men dressed in leather dismounting motorcycles in front of their store—the decision to relocate had definitely been one of their best.  

Catch up with the other men and women of the Black Hawk MC and their children as Flyboy and Preacher take the fall.

Claiming Ally


Ally Weston owns her spoiled status as one of the only four daughters in an MC. Surrounded by overprotective, and at times, overbearing men, she never once wished to be anywhere else. But having her heart broken at the tender age of sixteen, she refuses to stick around and have it happen again at the age of nineteen. Instead, she joins the military to escape watching her childhood crush marry. She planned not to return to the club until she could accept the unacceptable.

However, she hadn’t expected it to take six years, a stalker, and ultimately the man she had hoped to forget.

Tracker Cortez joined the military because he wanted to become a man like the men he had grown up around. Feeling he achieved that goal; he leaves the military and heads home. He is also ready to face the woman who has cost him sleep and kept his thoughts occupied before it had been appropriate for him to think of her as his.

Finally, ready to make his claim, which he solely expects to fight her tooth and nail to achieve – and maybe even the men who he has always respected – he needs to locate and save her. Their future together depends on it.

Tracker always knew Claiming Ally wouldn’t be easy. He just hadn’t anticipated using his special ops skills to do it.