Daughters of the Black Hawk MC


Ally Weston owns her spoiled status as one of the only four daughters in an MC. Surrounded by overprotective, and at times, overbearing men, she never once wished to be anywhere else. But having her heart broken at the tender age of sixteen, she refuses to stick around and have it happen again. Instead, she joins the military to escape watching her childhood crush marry. She planned not to return to the club until she could accept the unacceptable.

However, she hadn’t expected it to take six years, a stalker, and ultimately the man she had hoped to forget.

Tracker Cortez joined the military because he wanted to become a man like the men he had grown up around. Feeling he achieved that goal; he leaves the military and heads home. He is also ready to face the woman who has cost him sleep and kept his thoughts occupied before it had been appropriate for him to think of her as his.

Finally, ready to make his claim, which he solely expects to fight her tooth and nail to achieve – and maybe even the men who he has always respected – he needs to locate and save her. Their future together depends on it.

Tracker always knew Claiming Ally wouldn’t be easy. He just hadn’t anticipated using his special ops skills to get it done.