Memorial Day Weekend


A reminder to be safe this busy holiday weekend. For some school has ended and families will set out on vacation. Others will be taking advantage of the three day weekend to travel and visit family. Whether on the highways or staying close to home, may your weekend and travel be safe.

This holiday weekend is for the remembrance of every military member who died while serving on active duty. And though we are unable to thank them personally for giving their lives to protect our way of living – we can thank the current women and men actively serving or a veteran who has done their time in the ranks.

Trust me, the two simple words “Thank you” isn’t enough for what they have and still do for each of us, but to a service member, those words would mean everything.

So, if you come across someone who has served or is serving, thank them for not only their service but for the others who have died.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend wherever you are!


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