Settling into the New Year

Getting back into a schedule after enjoying the holidays with my boys is a struggle for me. I love having them home, but it sure messes with my daily writing.

Now I have my days back to myself, so slowing working to settle back in. I have 3 books going – Keg’s Revelation (Haven MC); Breaking and Entering (The Titans of South Side); and Pampered and Penned (KO Ink). Who finishes first is up in the air because I have to write in the book where the characters are talking. Plus fight with other characters who talk out of turn.

Hope 2019 brings everyone happiness and good health. Thanks for following me in my writing journey. I’ll try to do better keeping up with updates on what is coming. Maybe I’ll even have one or two side works for you this year. You never know. 😉

Published by: Carson Mackenzie

Carson lives in the South with her son, her Great Dane, and two shelter dogs that keep them all in line. Books have always been a part of her life. Nothing is better to Carson than curling up and relaxing with a good story, losing herself in someone else’s world while leaving her's behind for a while. As a fairly new author, she hopes to bring you into her stories to give you a chance to escape everyday responsibilities, if only for a few hours.

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